Offizieller Medienpartner

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The »International workshop – Kids Tennis – COACH THE COACHES« be supported by the agency – Kellermann MEDIEN from Waltrop, Germany, from now on. Because of this their online portal »«, which is renowned beyond the borders of Germany, will be the official media partner of the workshop from now on. „We’re very happy about this very fruitful new partnership”, says Reimar Bezzenberger, who is one of the initiators of »COACH THE COACHES« and who has been a member of the team of thirteen experts of »Tennisredaktion« in charge of tennis for children and at school for many years. In a first step the new media partner worked on the logo of the event and, moreover, created a fresh corporate design with high recognition value. The official website of the workshop has a shiny new look as well. The cooperation is meant to be lasting and to be extended step by step.

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